The Story Behind The Major League Baseball Playoffs

The Major League Baseball Playoffs have been around since 1969.

The Major League Baseball Playoffs were created because the American League and National League both split into eastern and western divisions. This meant that post-season games between the two division champions were required to determine the pennant winner…and so the Major League Baseball Playoffs was born!

In 1994, the playoff system changed as each league was split into three divisions, and a four-team Major League Baseball playoff was created. However, the new MLB playoff system did not take place until 1995, as the 1994 season was never completed because of a player strike.

Since then, eight teams make the Major League Baseball playoffs. Four from both the American League and the National League.

In addition to the three division champions, the fourth team to be entered into the Major League Baseball playoffs is known as a wildcard. The wildcard team is the second-place team with the best won-loss record.

After the 162 game season is over, the MLB Playoffs begin. This is usually in the first full week of October. The first round of the MLB playoffs is the Division Series. This is a five-game series that sees the top four teams in each league match up with each other.

The winners of the Division Series then advance to the seven-game American League and National League Championship Series.

The winners of the ALCS and NLCS advance to the World Series.

I couldn’t imagine baseball without having the MLB Playoffs, but this was the norm before 1969. In my opinion, the playoffs give an added boost to the already exciting atmosphere that the game of baseball creates…who knows what changes may occur to the rules of the Major League Baseball Playoffs in the future…I guess only time will tell!

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